D&D Digital

(2021 - Present)

Associate System Designer

Since November 8th, 2021, I have been working as an Associate System Designer at Wizards of the Coast on Project Sandcastle, an online digital platform for Dungeons and Dragons play.

Project Sandcastle has a suite of features that I've been helping to develop, including:

  • Soft rules enforcement

    • Providing rules enforcement for guided play, but allowing players to smoothly opt-out of rules enforcement to cater to the rules-flexible nature of Dungeons and Dragons

  • High and low-level content creation for users and designers

    • Robust data needs that fit incredibly broad use-cases to aid readability and content creation by players and staff.

  • Flashy and snappy combat flow

    • Combat is an important part of D&D, and I've been putting a ton of time into refining the UX behind the combat flow. I want to celebrate the Tabletop experience and respect the origins of the franchise, but ensure we're forward-facing and designing unique features that will wow and surprise audiences.

Most of my work was and still is under NDA, but my responsibilities included:

  • Designed, documented, and prototyped gameplay, interface, and combat features in Unity and Unreal Engine

  • Designed the data schemas for use across every action, item, entity, and spell

  • Delivered design solutions to paper D&D team on how to rework D&D rules to better fit digital play

  • Independently delivered weekly feature updates to the internal Unity build of the game

I will update this page with specifics as to I worked on as they are revealed to the public.