Highlighted Works

Associate System Designer

At Wizards of the Coast on the D&D Digital team, I am helping to develop Project Sandcastle, a digital platform for D&D.

Studio X Design Intern

Over the summers of 2020 and 2021, I worked on Magic: the Gathering, Commander, and more.

Designer, Director, Producer

Strategy game focusing on dice management with many roguelite elements.

System and UX Designer

Pictionary-esque browser game with a focus on gaming themes.

Director and Combat Designer

Third-person action game where you explore a temple to reclaim a lost relic.

Senior Content Creator

Produced video, podcast, and written content for eSports team TempoStorm.

Game Designer

1v1 Fantasy Collectible Card Game with a focus on slow, precise decision-making.

Director and System Designer

2D team ball-sports game with players tug-of-war'ing across a series of levels.

Other Projects

Digital Projects

Blue Gamma

A micro-RPG deckbuilder where you play as a Kindled- a dangerous and powerful wielder of flame. Features deck building, an open world, and deep card combat.


A bite-sized building game where you play as an amateur architect attempting to carefully craft a building from ever-falling tetronimos-- all while balancing a budget!

Family Grove

A first-person Druid simulator, where you tend to your family's sacred grove. Features an upgrade system, an explorable map, and three different crop varieties.

Dark Pass

A short, atmospheric, and tense walk through a decrepit dungeon filled with dark secrets.

UI / UX Proof of Concept Work

Cooking Game Main Menu

A colorful main menu designed for a cooking game ala Cooking Mama -- watch a video walkthrough of the menu here!

Detective Diegetic Interface

A detective game where the only interface with which you can interact is your journal.

Sleepy Night Kinesthetic Flow

Sleep, eat, and drink your way through a dark, rainy, and lazy weekend night.

Board Games

The Art of Wagh!

A Warhammer-inspired 1v1 minion combat game where players sneak, stab, and brawl to the death for the glory of Wagh!

Tome of the Deep

A single player guided experience where the player attempts to reclaim their lost relic from servants of Cthulu. Featured card combat, elemental synergies, and comprehensive rules resolution and systems to aid a single player's execution of the AI and their behaviors.

Duelist's Dungeon

A board game featuring zero decision-making. Players progress through a dungeon and duel when they collide-- use the magic items scattered about to help claim victory!

Champions of Claw and Vale

A 4-player team tactics game featuring card combat, 8 unique characters, and a dynamic turn cycle featuring boons, setbacks, and more for both teams.

Artisanal Monstrosities

Become a mad-scientist and pit your creation against your opponent's! Build the perfect monster and send Igor to sabotage your opponent's creations!

Founders of Natac

A resource management game where players manage villagers and city development to try and claim the most victory points first.

Dungeon Delvers

A co-op deckbuilding dungeon crawler where players take on dastardly bosses, then face off at the end to claim the treasure!