• 8+ years of game design experience (game design & development, modding, prototyping)

  • 3+ years of art (digital, traditional, and animation)

  • Very proficient with Unity, Adobe Creative Suite, GameMaker Studio.

  • Scripting in C#, Java , JS, and GML programming languages.

  • 4+ years of professional writing - contracted writer since high school.

  • 1 year of broadcasting (Twitch, podcast, hosting).

  • 2+ years of web design.


  • Currently enrolled at DigiPen: Institute of Technology as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Design with a minor in Psychology

  • Design Teacher's Assistant since Spring 2017

  • 2 years of Game Development / Animation courses at Austin Community College


As a designer, I took heavy inspiration from the games I grew up with: Spelunky, FEZ, Pokemon, Smash Bros, and more. In my more formative years, I was enraptured with systems-driven games like DOTA, Hearthstone, Magic: the Gathering, League of Legends, and the like.

High school saw the blossoming of my career as a designer, where my long-time friend Jack Guy and I pursued so many different projects, from a web-based top down action game, to SketchLeague, and many more. Working part-time in Austin, Texas to support myself while pursuing these projects was awesome, but not what I was looking for- I wanted something bigger!

This drove me to try and further my knowledge of game design by attending DigiPen Institute of Technology pursuing a Bachelors in Game Design (and a minor in Psychology).

While attending DigiPen I formed a fantastic team of peers and friends. Every year we created a new year-long game project while I also developed a myriad of smaller games-- both physical and digital. While in school I continued to tinker with game systems, from crunchy tower defense games all the way to atmospheric horror. Any free time among my team and I was dedicated to a game jams, both inside the team and out.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to work at Wizards of the Coast on both Magic: the Gathering as well as their mobile card game: Spellslingers. I have also produced, designed, and published independent titles alongside my usual truck-load of game jam prototypes.


How / why did you get an internship at Wizards of the Coast?