Sketch League


Game Designer was a project born of a burning need amongst my friends and I to play gaming-themed pictionary (with a strong focus on League of Legends).

What originally started as a fun game for close friends led to a redesign in 2016, catapulting its user-base to the massive 1 million+ registered users it is now.

My responsibilities included:

  • A lot of UX work with heavy iteration over our short dev cycle

  • Usability testing and refining

  • System design for the scoring, turns, and other game elements.

  • I also personally curated the word lists!


Elements scaled and rearranged dynamically based on screen proportions to accommodate for mobile!

Lobby Select Screen

Layout displays all relevant information: Lobby name, host, wordlist theme (League, DOTA, etc.), game percentage completed, and room privacy. Allowed a myriad of filtering options.