Wizards of the Coast

(2020 & 2021)

Studio X Design Intern

Starting June 15, 2020, I had the absolute pleasure of being the Studio X design intern for Wizards of the Coast!

Most of my work was and still is under NDA, but my responsibilities included:

  • Designed cards and content for upcoming Magic: the Gathering sets and Commander products

  • Pitched, produced, and developed internal projects for potential release in future sets

  • Designed, iterated, and balanced cards for Wizards of the Coast's upcoming mobile card game Spellslingers

I returned the following year on June 14th, 2021 as an Associate Game Design intern within Studio X.

Similarly, my work is still under NDA, but my responsibilities included much of the same from the previous year, with some notable differences:

  • Product ownership and responsibility on Commander products

  • Secret Lair and Universes Beyond pitch and development

  • Full-time Magic: the Gathering workflow