Tempo Storm

(2015 - 2018)

Senior Writer and Podcast Host

After a brief stint of playing competitively for Tempo Storm during high school (and quickly finding it wasn't for me), I took a job writing for Tempo Storm in their Hearthstone division. My writing prowess and flexibility saw me getting promoted to team-wide content creation, spanning official announcements, hosting a podcast, video content, and more.

I am still working at Tempo Storm to this day!

Life Under the Frozen Pwn: A Report

Blizzard partnered with Tempo Storm during the Frozen Throne Hearthstone expansion to turn Tempo Storm into the "Frozen Pwn". This required some jovial articles alongside the partnership, and I was tasked with flexing my creative muscles and creating some more comedy articles for the site!

You can check the article out here!

A Roleplayer's Guide to Hearthstone

This was my first attempt at a comedy article back in high school, and while I don't think its aged super well, I do recognize it as the first time I legitimately looked at and analyzed player archetypes and how they affected how people play games!

You can check the article out here!

TempoCast Episode 7

The TempoCast was my debut as a podcast host at the young age of 16! This was my favorite episode where we got to chat with the TempoStorm owner, Reynad for a bit about Hearthstone and general company stirrings.